The challenge that I’ve set myself and my husband is simple: don’t buy new in 2020. It’s made harder because we have three young children and they ain’t getting new either.

Because I’m a generous soul, I am allowing us household essentials and up to 20 items that we can’t get easily get second hand. Like shoes (that fit well), white school shirts, bed sheets…i think choosing the 20 will be tough!

Essentials cover:

  • Food
  • Basic cleaning products
  • Toiletries (including tinted moisturiser and mascara but no other make-up)
  • Newspapers, books and drawing paper and activity books for the kids
  • Plants (not strictly essential but good for the soul)
  • Art for the house (not essential but good for the soul)

For everything else, we have to make-do, repair (will be interesting as I can barely sew a button on), buy second-hand or items that have been up-cycled.

So, why are we doing this…

To set the record straight, I’m definitely not a shopaholic, just a lazy shopper. I bought clothes for necessity, sometimes for a special occasion, sometimes to make me feel better. But my attitude was always, “that’ll do”. I have a few dresses I love and would keep but beyond that, not much. The same for other things. Consequently, I’ve never bothered to look after anything. If my clothes are damaged or something breaks, I think “it doesn’t matter, I’ll just get a new one”. I realise this is a privileged position to be in.

Then the children came along and with them all the paraphernalia that I thought was crucial to their wellbeing or survival and before long we had a basement so full of junk you couldn’t see the floor.

I also got fed-up with an endless stream of Amazon packages arriving with things we’d panic bought.

We needed to reset, and because I have zero willpower, it had to be extreme (for us) and public – hence only 20 items, hence the blog.

There’s also the small matter of our burning planet, a situation I’m no longer comfortable with…I’m finally ready to ‘woke’-up and pay attention. I’m going to get myself a sustainability education, and will capture highlights of what I learn each week here.