about us

There are five of us: me, Clare, my husband Marc, Dylan who is four, and Grace and Ivy, our two-year-old twins.

We lived in London until recently but upped-sticks and moved to the Essex coast for a different life (and to be closer to my mum). Basically because we suddenly had more children than we knew how to handle in the City.

We own a diesel car, bought before we knew how awful they were, eat meat (though are cutting back), and would probably take a flight once a year but buy organic locally-sourced food and get milk delivered to feel better about our other bad habits. 

I’d say we are pretty average amongst our middle-class friends. But like a lot of people I know, we want to do better.  I don’t want my children to ask me in 20 years’ time why “mummy and daddy, helped f*ck-up the planet?”

We had to start somewhere. We are starting here….