What about socks and pants?


…Is what most people have asked when we’ve said we’re not buying new in 2020. Or, in the case of my brother, who is programmed to asked awkward questions: “Does buying a packet of three pants, count as one item or three?” Alex, it counts as one! 

We had until midnight on 31st of December to buy anything we thought we needed for the year ahead and could purchase in advance.  Now this might sound cheaty but it didn’t happen. Christmas got in the way, and I’m not sure Marc thought I was serious, so we didn’t stockpile and now kids pants could be an issue – I’ve noticed that Dylan’s are looking a little tight.

I looked-up ‘underwear made of recycled materials’ to see if we could get pants under the ‘second hand’ category…

…In short, the answer is ‘no’. However, I did come across a brand called Lara Intimates via a via a Moral Fibres blog post which came close and I really like.

They are a London-based company that design and make bras and knickers in their own factory. They use ‘deadstock fabrics’ – “unused surplus luxury lingerie fabrics that would have gone to landfill”. All the “elastics, garment labels, and packaging is made by local, eco-friendly suppliers.” According to their website, “on average, 10% of fabric in the fashion industry ends up wasted on the cutting room floor”, but Lara Intimates save their cuttings and reuse them in other products. They’ve got a good range of reasonably priced products, and even operate a four-day week.

But as I can’t class their underwear as second-hand, I had better look at what I have.

Most my underwear is Calvin Klein with a good smattering of M&S. I’ve checked the material label on my pants for the first time ever, and they are made of polyamide (73%) and elastic (27%). I don’t think this is very eco-friendly! And I just looked-up Calvin Klein on the ‘Good on You’ app and they are rated as ‘Not good enough’. Damn, I’m not doing very well at all.

Marc (who just wandered past) said, “You can’t chuck them”. No, Marc, I cannot. I’m stuck with these evil polyamide planet-killers so I better look after them. The washing instructions say: ‘wash in a cool wash’ and don’t tumble dry. I normally hand wash them, because I naively thought they were made, partially, of silk!

At least I know I can machine-wash them. However, I also know I should put them in a washing bag to stop the microplastic leaking into the sea. But I don’t have one. Could I class a Guppy Friend washing bag as an essential household item? Can I? Can I?  Thoughts please…

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