When your wife decides you’re not buying new in 2020.


So why ARE we doing this? Until now my answer has been “ask Clare”. But if I keep saying this, I have the feeling she’ll paint me as the village idiot so I felt it best to have a go at contributing to the blog, and inadvertently, I’ll likely fulfil the village idiot role too. 

When Clare approached me about not buying new in 2020 (told me WE’RE doing it) I had the same questions as you probably did: Where do we get second hand lightbulbs? Is it possible to refill a pen? Is it 20 items per person and can I have some of your credits if you don’t use them? The answer to the last two questions was NO and NO.

She sat me down and carefully took me through the rules, which makes some sense to me now. It is much bigger than simply curbing our throw-away spending habits – from now on all our purchases are going to be scrutinised from the food that we eat to the sheets on our bed: ‘Do we really need it? “What is it made from”, “Who made it?” etc etc. Every time I come into the kitchen she is listening to yet another environmental podcast and has another scary statistic to share.

But I’m on board and have to accept that I’ll be spending less time on Amazon and more time stabbing myself with a needle repairing clothes. I was trying to be clever with my next line: ‘They’ll be less steak, more skate’. Haha well done sir, turns out skate has been overfished for decades, I better add that to “what I’ve learnt this week” (see sidebar).

I still have a long way to go: on the latest supermarket trip I bought a smaller bottle of washing detergent to fill up the giant empty one sitting in the cupboard. I was quickly informed that buying multiple bottles of liquid to fill the big one up was using more plastic and completely defeated the point of a refill bottle! Point taken. I think this will be an ongoing trend this year. And I have a feeling supermarkets may be banned soon too.

I’m sure there will be more stories like this, which Clare will recount on here, as I blunder my way through the year. I just hope this post will give me some credibility: I’m not a complete ethical idiot just new to this game… and so to answer the original question, why are we doing this? Well , uuum, ASK CLARE.

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